Nov. 3, 2021

In Villavicencio trainings at AMTEC

Several personalized trainings were given to farmers from Villavicencio on the processes of the AMTEC Mass Adoption of Technology program.

They spoke about crop planning, input management, physical a…


Nov. 3, 2021

In Fundación talk on integrated weed management

In the section of Fedearroz Fundación, a talk was held on integrated management of weeds in rice cultivation, explaining the importance of the efficient use of herbicides for their control, since goo…


Nov. 3, 2021

In Aracataca they know the best way to plan a planting

In the municipality of Aracataca, Magdalena, an event was held in the field where the attending farmers were explained the best way to plan a planting, taking into account the area and the preparatio…


Nov. 3, 2021

Physiological aspects of the FEDEARROZ 2020 variety in Campoalegre

Una charla dirigida a asistentes técnicos y agricultores del Huila se llevó a cabo sobre los aspectos fisiológicos de la variedad FEDEARROZ 2020. Se explicó la fenología de la planta frente los facto…

Fedearroz-variedad-Fedearroz2020- Educardo-Arevalo

Nov. 3, 2021

In Neiva socialization of the variety FEDEARROZ 2020

At the San José farm, in Neiva, a field day was held with the assistance of farmers from Aipe, Palermo and Neiva, to make a presentation of the 2020 FEDEARROZ variety.

It was explained how to obtain…


Nov. 3, 2021

In the Juncal District, the AMTEC program was socialized

With the participation of rice farmers from the Juncal District, the AMTEC program and the results of its execution in 2020 were shared. It began by recalling the steps for AMTEC to follow, such as …


Nov. 3, 2021

Two Agroclimatic Technical Tables in Montería

Two Agroclimatic Technical Tables were held virtually from Fedearroz Montería with the purpose of talking about the rains, delivering recommendations on phytosanitary monitoring to assess the inciden…


Nov. 3, 2021

Phytophagous and beneficial insects associated with rice cultivation …

In order to expand knowledge on phytophagous and beneficial insects associated with rice cultivation, farmers from the San Bernardo del Viento municipality participated in a field day, where they ide…


Nov. 3, 2021

In Córdoba, management of the FEDEARROZ rice varieties

In the Chiquí village in the municipality of San Bernardo del Viento, Córdoba, farmers were trained in the handling of the rice varieties FEDEARROZ 2000, FEDEARROZ 67, FL FEDEARROZ 68, FEDEARROZ 70 …