Nov. 3, 2021

In Yopal, training was carried out on the different diseases

In Yopal, Casanare, training was carried out on the different diseases that are present in rice cultivation. A survey was made of the most frequent in the Casanare area and they were taught to calcul…


Nov. 2, 2021

Field day on contour lines for irrigation in Aguazul

In a rural area of the municipality of Aguazul, a field day was held with the purpose of strengthening knowledge about the tracing of contour lines for irrigation guided by a laser system, which offe…


Nov. 2, 2021

Visit to AMTEC lot in Aguazul

Un lote comercial que ha implementado los procesos AMTEC fue epicentro de una visita en el municipio de Aguazul, a fin de identificar la importancia del diagnóstico, las técnicas de adecuación con eq…


Nov. 1, 2021

Training in Aguazul on indirect effects of weeds

A field training was carried out for producers in this municipality on the indirect effects of weeds in rice cultivation. It was explained how light, water and space affect and how to identify groups…


Nov. 1, 2021

In Aguazul phytosanitary management of the variety FEDEARROZ IBIS CL

At the La Primavera farm, Aguazul municipality, Fedearroz engineers held a field day aimed at agronomists, farmers and operators, who were trained in the phytosanitary management of the FEDEARROZ IB…


Nov. 1, 2021

In Villavicencio correct use of the planter

In the municipality of Villavicencio, an event was held in the field with exercises for the correct use of the seeder. Once the soil was adequate, it was indicated that this equipment must be in opti…


Oct. 29, 2021

Virtual workshop in Aguazul on precision agriculture

A virtual workshop was held in Aguazul in order to socialize the results achieved in precision agriculture, within the latest research carried out by Fedearroz.

Reference was made to the issue of pro…


Oct. 28, 2021

In Caucasia characteristics and advantages of the variety Fedearroz 2…

In the municipality of Caucasia, two field events were held where the characteristics and advantages of the Fedearroz 2020 variety and its management with AMTEC were highlighted. The characteristics …


Oct. 28, 2021

Talk about integrated weed management in Colorado-Antioquia

A talk on integrated weed management in rice cultivation was held in Colorado-Antioquia, during which farmers learned about the operation of the Weed Seed Bank - BSM, a tool that reduces the pressure…