Nov. 15, 2019

Identification of the hardness and PH of the water in the municipalit…

In the municipality of El Pivijay, Magdalena, in the village of Bellaena, a field day was held in which producers from the area participated, who learned to determine the hardness and pH of the water…


Oct. 7, 2019

Aguazul producers are trained in planter calibration

A field day was held at Finca Grismania, Vereda Palo Solo, in the municipality of Aguazul, with the aim of reminding producers in the area of the importance of calibrating their seeders and explainin…


Aug. 27, 2019

In Repelón, Atlántico producers learn about sowing planning

With the aim of publicizing the most important aspects when starting with a rice crop, taking into account that the objective is to obtain a good profitability of the business, Fedearroz engineers he…


March 1, 2019

Workshop on design and drawing of contour lines, in Montería

In Montería, Córdoba, a workshop was held in order to show the steps for the design and drawing of contour lines, in rice cultivation, taking into account the characteristics of the soil. During the …


Oct. 5, 2018

Producers from Yondó met the AMTEC program

A group of farmers from Yondó, Antioquia, attended a conference on the Mass Adoption of Technology program, Amtec, its results, methodology and examples of its implementation in other rice-growing ar…


June 19, 2018

In Tamalameque, training in agronomic management of varieties

26 rice farmers from Tamalameque, Cesar, were trained in agronomic management and technical recommendations of the varieties Fedearroz - 67 and FL - Fedearroz - 68.


Jan. 23, 2018

Comparison between traditional batch Vs AMTEC

In the farm of the farmer Manuel Pertús, a field day was carried out, in order to demonstrate the differences of results in a lot sown in a traditional way and the one cultivated under the AMTEC para…