Fedearroz-variedad-Fedearroz2020- Educardo-Arevalo

Nov. 3, 2021

In Neiva socialization of the variety FEDEARROZ 2020

At the San José farm, in Neiva, a field day was held with the assistance of farmers from Aipe, Palermo and Neiva, to make a presentation of the 2020 FEDEARROZ variety.

It was explained how to obtain a better development through the correct agronomic management, the preparation that was carried out in test batches with harrow and land plane; and horse riding with taipa and laser on the tractor. The sowing season carried out in April was highlighted, yielding good yields, planting density of 138 kg / ha and high tillering.

Educardo Arevalo, IA Fedearroz - FNA - Neiva - October 2021