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Sept. 22, 2021

In San Martín, talk on the use of booms in agrochemical applications

In order to promote the use of booms in the application of agrochemicals in rice cultivation, a field event was held in the municipality of San Martín - Cesar, Vereda Torcoroma.

There, herbicide application exercises were carried out in a plot of land, with the motor and boom versus traditional application with back pumps. The deficiencies of the latter practice in terms of control by uniformity in spraying and uncalibrated equipment were evidenced. The operation of the boom parts was also explained, such as the anti-drip valve and pressure regulator, which ensures that all nozzles have the same spray flow rate. Finally, producers were invited to contribute to weed management while being responsible with the environment.

Emilio Miguel García IA - AT Fedearroz FNA– San Martín