Nov. 17, 2021

The International Colombia Corporation has an open call for rural women to enroll in the program 500 thousand agro-entrepreneurs CCI 2030

  • In Colombia there are 5.8 million rural women, of them, 20% live in extreme poverty, 92% take care of the home and only 4% of rural women are entrepreneurs; ICC's mission is to increase that 4%. 

The program "500 thousand Agribusiness Women CCI, 2030" will benefit rural women and young people who wish to live in the countryside, be entrepreneurs and work in an associative manner under the comprehensive support methodology provided by the CCI; Opening a call for rural women from all over the country with both business ideas and ongoing ventures to present themselves, to be strengthened with tools such as purposeful savings, the CCI comprehensive assistance center and donation Crowdfunding.

The requirements for women to apply are: 

  • Being a Rural Woman and residing in the countryside 
  • Be of age
  • Business ideas or ongoing projects must consider caring for the environment. 
  • Link at least 15 people with a majority participation of women 
  • That the enterprise has the potential to generate income, employment and link more women.

Rural women who want to be part of the program will be able to consult the terms and apply through