Who can be part of Fedearroz?

  • Active members: Active members of the Federation are rice producers who, after meeting the statutory and regulatory requirements, become members of the Federation.

  • Rice producers: Natural or legal persons wishing to join the National Rice Growers Federation must provide the Federation with the information corresponding to the identification of the crop.

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Registration of the rice cultivation operation

In the act of affiliation or renewal of affiliation carried out in the respective Fedearroz Sectional, the affiliate shall:

  • 01

    Register, specify and identify the extension of land (hectares) exploited by rice cultivation.

  • 02

    Provide the Basic Data.

  • 03

    Provide complementary data.

  • 04

    Provide Farm data and Agricultural Machinery data.

This information may be updated by the member at any time and verified by the respective Sectional Committee and the National Board of Directors.


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In addition, they must present the corresponding documents and specify and identify the extension of land (hectares) that they exploit through rice cultivation.


You may carry out this procedure at the nearest Fedearroz branch office, providing your identification document and a copy of the current RUT issued by the DIAN.

Legal Entity

The application for affiliation must be submitted by the legal representative and must be accompanied by the certificate of existence and legal representation issued by the competent authority and a copy of the current RUT issued by the DIAN.


Upon ratification by the Board of Directors of the Federation, the membership and its renewal shall be valid for one (1) calendar year, and in order to keep it, it must be renewed every year.

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