Technical assistance in rice cultivation is a fundamental component for the sustainable development of its activities, allowing for comprehensive support to producers, facilitating an increase in their productivity and competitiveness indexes. In the rice production process, there are two main actors responsible for its development: the farmer and the technical assistant.

The farmer is the main agent of change, constantly seeking to improve his productivity and profitability by implementing in his crops all those technologies that help him to that end.

The technical assistants have been and will continue to be responsible for transferring the different technologies in accordance with the current situation, where the aim is to have a precision agriculture based on the program developed by the National Rice Federation-FNA, called AMTEC (Mass Technology Adoption), which seeks economic, environmental and social sustainability.

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The integral technical assistance provided by FEDEARROZ seeks that the crop be managed as a business, therefore the parameters and technologies applied are directed towards the competitiveness and profitability of the crop.

"Technical Assistance is fundamental for the success of the AMTEC program and, in this sense, investment in training professionals will have an impact on the quality and efficiency of this technical assistance, which will be achieved through the rice course for Agronomists" Fedearroz.